The record is finally done!  The music industry has changed a lot, making it tougher to sell CDs or even recoup the expense of making an Album.  These tracks are me having fun, recording at home either by myself or live with the band setup in my living room.  I love making music that can put a smile on a face or plant an idea that grows in your mind.  The band right now is doing great, playing every week in the clubs kickin' ass.  Please enjoy these recordings as they are all free downloads, share if you like.

Quick BIO

Mike Quick is a Singer/Songwriter based in Central Florida.  When he is not raising chickens, making custom pickguards or hanging with the family he's playing music venues, festivals, writing songs or jammin' with friends.  His music is Roots Blues & Soul with a whole lot of FUNK.  Shuffle...Ballad...its gonna be funky.

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