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  1. Inspire Me

Mike Quick - guitars/bass/vocals
Juliano Rosa - drums


You got to think
Like a mastermind
To unlock
Your soul design
I want to see
A mass cultivation
And show the world
Some inspiration

Inspire me
7 billion people
Inspire me
Keep on inspiring me
Inspire me
Like one big family
Inspire me

Down here
We can feel the rain
When life is a struggle
But we don't complain
Lets get on up
And grove the nation
We got the power
Of inspiration

What is life
If your not dreaming
What is life
If your not searching
What is life
If your not reaching
What is life

You're gonna be
A beautiful butterfly
And do your thing
Get down don't be shy
Everybody knows
That love and peace
Keeps the world
A funky masterpiece