Play what you feel. Sing what you believe. Perform as if each show was your last!
Searching for new ways to express myself through the instrument of soul.

Raw & Real is the Deal

Fearless singing, head-on with today's headlines, with meaningful lyrics about life, art, religion, love & positive change for humanity. A powerful, soulful performer with a rich knowledge of blues & folk guitar playing that is always inventive. This music is my art and every song written is the next step I take forward.

I want to sing for YOU
The innovator, the risk taker, the earth shaker, the outsider,
the outcast, the freak, the chic, the meek, the odd ball, the 
queer, the pioneer, the lovers, the huggers, the thinkers,
the makers, the kind, the open minded, the passionate,
the imperfect gentleman, the strong woman, the dancer,
the listener, the aware, the woke, the activist, the artist, the
poet, the dreamer, and all the people who are not afraid 
of growth in social issues so that everyone can be truly free
to love and live their life.  I never want to go backwards. I’m
ready for life on Mars and peace on earth.
Give me tomorrow today!